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Funerals/End of Life


It is hugely important when we lose a loved one to say goodbye in an appropriate and significant way. The funeral ceremony is central to this, and it needs to be a fitting tribute to the person we have lost, and indeed, something they themselves would have approved of. Whilst a funeral should acknowledge the sorrow and pain of our loss, it also provides an opportunity for celebrating life, allowing us to reflect on what has passed and to say goodbye to the deceased. 


Therefore, a personalised ceremony is key, a ceremony which ensures we remember and reflect upon the life of the deceased, and provides a real opportunity to say goodbye for family and friends. Using an independent celebrant provides an opportunity to shape up a unique ceremony, which may feature readings, poems, hymns, prayers, blessings and music all specifically chosen for the occasion, as well as a personalised eulogy.

The most common types of funeral ceremonies are conducted by either a religious minister or by a humanist celebrant, where the ceremony presents an atheist outlook. By using an independent celebrant, there is flexibility to include religious, spiritual and/or atheist elements - in fact the ceremony content is entirely up to you.  


The process begins with a family visit, where we can discuss the type of funeral service you would like. We can discuss ceremony content including music and readings. There may be family members and friends who would like to have a role at the ceremony - perhaps reading a poem, or playing a piece of music. This can all be facilitated, and will add to the personal and unique feel of the funeral. Any ideas you have can be incorporated, and it can all be discussed during this initial visit. 


Following this, I will write your ceremony, source any readings, poems, prayers and music, and create an order of service. I will then officiate the funeral ceremony, ensuring that the service runs smoothly.  


I can provide a ceremony for all types of funerals - burials, cremations, memorials, interment of ashes and scattering of ashes. I will work with you to make sure that it provides a respectful, unique and fitting tribute to your loved one. 



I will work with you to make the funeral unique and individual, personal and meaningful, and sensitive and loving. I will ensure the ceremony reflects and respects your loved one's personal religious beliefs or non-beliefs, and that the content of the ceremony adheres to this.


The funeral service will tell the story of the life of the deceased, so that those closest to them can celebrate them, and those that loved and knew them are able to remember and honour them. 


I also offer a brief yet meaningful ceremony for interment of ashes, or scattering of ashes. This usually takes place on a date after the funeral service, and so is a different type of ceremony than the funeral. It is generally shorter than the funeral ceremony, and is not another goodbye, but rather a hello to the final resting place of your loved one, a place where you can come and feel close to them. 

I will work with you to create the funeral service that is right for you and your family. Ceremonies can take place either at the crematorium or graveside, or another venue of your choice. 

I can also work with you to incorporate other meaningful moments in our tribute, including a candle ceremony or a flower ceremony.


I can also produce bespoke printed Order of Services, if desired.

I work independently, with all funeral directors across the Isle of Wight. 

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