Congratulations! You're getting married!

Now you are busy planning one of the most important days of your lives. In the midst of choosing flowers, colour schemes and venues, it is important to also consider your ceremony. Your ceremony will be the most serious and significant part of the day, as it is the moment when you will be making your promises to each other and when you can really declare to each other and your guests how you feel.



Your Ceremony 

Civil ceremonies can be limited in what you can include in your ceremony, as there can be no religious content and often a set script to follow. Love-Me-Do will work closely with you to ensure your ceremony says and does everything you need it to. And by choosing us as your independent celebrant, you will have the freedom to include anything you want into your ceremony. Anything at all.

We will support you to write your own vows, source readings and include any symbolic ceremonies, as well as help you work out the choreography of your big day. And the beauty of choosing us is that you can get married anywhere you like. Unlike a civil ceremony, you don't need to choose a licensed venue. So whether it's on the beach, in your garden or at your favourite beauty spot, your wedding ceremony can really be what you want it to be. 


The Legal Bit

You can find out more information about the legal part of your marriage from your local Register Office. However, this two-stage process is very straightforward and inexpensive. You must first give notice of marriage at least 16 days before your marriage is due to take place. Then you can have a short basic ceremony where you will need two witnesses to complete the legal process. Then you can look forward to your personalised ceremony with Love-Me-Do.


Symbolic Ceremonies

We can include absolutely anything into your ceremony, and you may want to add a symbolic ceremony. This can be completely unique to you as a couple, or might be an established ritual such as:


  •                   Jumping the Broom 

  •                   Handfasting

  •                   Rose Ceremony

  •                   Candle Ceremony

  •                   Sand Ceremony

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