Other Ceremonies

As well as Funerals, Marriage and Baby Naming Ceremonies, Love-Me-Do offers a range of other ceremonies.

Commitment Ceremonies

 For those who don't want to be legally married, it can still be very important to stand in front of your family and friends as a couple and make a commitment to each other. This ceremony can be planned in exactly the same way as a marriage ceremony, just without the legal elements.  

Vow Renewal
Renewal of Vows

Whether it's to mark a significant anniversary or just because, married couples often want to renew their vows and declare their ongoing commitment to each other. This ceremony can include many of the elements of a marriage ceremony.

Adoption Ceremonies

An adoption can be a long drawn out process and stressful for everyone involved. A ceremony can provide the perfect opportunity to put this period of transition for your family behind you, as you recognise your new family structure and make commitments to each other going forward. 

Adulthood Ceremonies

 The journey from childhood through adolescence to adulthood can be challenging for any family, and particularly for the young person involved it is often a difficult time. A formal acknowledgement of this transition including commitment to respect and love each other can often prove an important part of this process.  

Pet Ceremonies

 Whether it's welcoming a new pet into the family or saying goodbye to a treasured friend, Love-Me-Do can support with a fitting tribute to your pet.  

Other Ceremonies

 We can work with you to create meaningful ceremonies for any important event. Get in touch to find out more.