I am writing to thank you so much for taking the service of the 

funeral of our dear dad.


It was such a wonderful tribute to our dad that you put together

from all the information we gave you.


Thank you so much for the presentation of the funeral which

gave such a lovely send-off to dad and which gave each of us 

peace at the occasion.


We are all very grateful for what you did for us on that day and

helping us to remember it all in a pleasant and memorable way.  






                                                                                                 Thank you so much for the wonderful way you arranged and

                                                                                                 conducted the funeral service for my darling wife.

                                                                                                 Your professionalism made a very sad occasion change into a 

                                                                                                 celebration of the life of a lovely lady.  







Thank you for the lovely service you gave for my husband. 

Everyone who attended said how moving it was. The whole service

was warm, friendly and inclusive - just as he would have wanted.

Although you never met him, you were able to convey his personality 

and life history as if he had been your friend for years, and I felt it

was a beautiful tribute to him.

Thank you once again for all your sympathy and kindness through

this difficult time. 


                                                                                        We wish to express our most sincere thanks for the very professional,                                                                                             very moving and very sympathetic way in which you conducted the                                                                                               funeral service. You possess a rare combination of superb                                                                                                                professionalism with a very caring nature for which I thank you most                                                                                          sincerely. Thank you again.




Myself and the family really appreciated the wonderful service you gave.

It was sad, but humorous too, and really reflected D during his life. 

You spoke in such a caring and compassionate way, and with the music,

we all felt it was a lovely way to say goodbye at such a difficult time.

Everyone said it was the best funeral they had been to (if that's possible),

and it was a celebration of his life, and came away feeling

we had all given him a good send off! 

So we would all like to say a very big "thank you." You made a

sad day very special to us all.