A Baby Naming ceremony is a formal way to welcome a child into the family, and the opportunity to celebrate the child's arrival with all your family and friends.

Similarly to the wedding ceremony, the baby naming ceremony can include religious content if desired, although doesn't have to. The content of the ceremony will be created entirely for your family and friends, and can include wider members of the family such as aunts, uncles and grandparents. Also like the marriage ceremony, the Baby Naming ceremony can be held in a location of your choice.


You can choose Godparents to make promises, as well as including symbolic ceremonies. Symbolic ceremonies you might include in your Baby Naming ceremony are:


  •                               Planting a Tree

  •                               Candle Ceremony

  •                               Wish Pebbles   



Along with Baby Naming Ceremonies, we offer Naming Ceremonies for older children too.



Baby Naming Ceremonies